So you want to become Paleo?!

The Paleo, caveman, primal diet or whatever name you want to call it has really boomed over the last couple years. I have always been one to try to find better eating habits to lose weight and gain energy. When I first heard about this new diet I was very interested in finding out more, so I jumped into the basics. Figuring out what types of foods I can and cannot eat. To my surprise the concept was pretty simple. Go back to your roots, literally think like a caveman. They didn’t have a grocery store they hunted and gathered their food.

  1. Think Vegetables, Fruit, Meat then healthy oils/seeds and nuts.(try to stick seasonally with your vegetables and fruits they are usually cheaper!)
  2. When shopping stick to the outer perimeter of the store, really everything in the middle isles you don’t NEED (except for spices)
  3. Remember you eat to live not live to eat! This is about giving your body all the RIGHT things for your body!
  4. You will survive past the cravings! Once you do you will be surprised how you crave the healthy things and how much better you feel!
  5. Keep in mind 80/20, some days you will slip and fall right onto a chocolate chip cookie and that’s okay! Just get back on track to your healthy eating right away! We are all human!

My journey into the Paleo world started out by me trying something new to lose weight and turned into a passion of food. I have been Paleo for 2 years now, and couldn’t be happier about my decision to change my lifestyle. It turned into a passion for knowledge of what I’m putting into my body. I have watched countless documentaries all available on Netflix from Food MattersFood Inc.Fat, Sick & Nearly DeadHungry for Change, and my all time favorite Fed Up. Watching any of these films will just put a perspective on what these big name brand companies are doing to your everyday food and what its doing to your body. Yes it might taste good for the whole 2 minutes it takes you to devour that Yodel or that bag of chips or that mac and cheese but how do you feel after that. Is your body satisfied? More then likely not; you know what you want? Another one, because of the insane amount of sugars we have in all our processed foods. I can go on and on about how much deception and greed there is in the food industries. Keep in mind though, you have the power to make better decisions, they do not control what YOU bring home into your kitchen!

You always have time to eat clean; yes it might be easier to shove something in the microwave rather then set up a meal but there is always a way to make healthier food choices whether you work your ass off or are running around with kids as a stay at home mom. Figure out a time that works best for you, some people even meal prep a weeks worth of food in a few hours just so they have it readily available for them. Throw out the processed food! Throw out the junk and stock pile your fridge with fruits and veggies galore! Grab an apple instead of chips. Make veggie snack bags for you and your kids when you need snacks on the go! Especially if you have kids its so important for us to be showing them a healthy relationship with food and guiding them to make the right choices and educating them on why its good to eat REAL food.

Take these links, do your research and feel it out. You can modify and see what works best for you but PLEASE educate yourself on what is going into your body, it’s the only one you have!



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