New Years Eve. Sober. Momlife

New Years Eve…every year it was what party i was going to, or really where was i going to get nice and toasted!! Not this year! This was the first sober New Years Eve I’ve had in i can’t even tell you when! Going to a party was out of the question with a 3 month old. I know that there are other options for us to be alone on New Years but I am not ready for him to have a sleep over! I also breast feed and unfortunately don’t have enough stock so I could pump and dump PLUS to me its a complete waste of time or actually the opposite takes WAYYY to much! Then who is going to watch the baby while mom and dad are all liquored up? Plus the thought of a hangover with a crying baby doesn’t sound like how i want to spend my day. So i made the choice of being sober this year!

We decided to go to my mom’s house and have a nice low key night with some dinner and drinks! Ya know how every sober person says drunk people are annoying?….well my group of people must just be good drunks because I had a blast! We played Dance Central(tradition of any gathering with drinks involved!) laughed our asses off and had heart to hearts. A big topic of the night was how our son Hudson has just found his tongue all night everyone sticking their tongues out and him just mimicking them right back! Guess you had to be there….because it was HILARIOUS!

We made our way home 10 minutes to 12 since Hudson was having no part in wanting to sleep so i could try to get him to settle down since Mom wanted to pass outttt! We got smothered in kisses by “Mr.Drunky” aka Dad and off to bed we went! Goodbye to another year and hello to yet another. I am not one for resolutions so all i can say is i will be the same person i was as last year just another year wiser. I have learned a lot this past year between being pregnant, having my first child, was betrayed by friends, and becoming a stay at home mom. The good, the bad either way it was all for the better. I have gotten in a place in my life where I will only allow positive people and situations into my life. I am content, happy, madly in love and nothing will stop me from kicking 2016 in the ass! Cheers to this year and to many more! ❤


Here are the yummy appetizers that we devoured last night!

Sticky Garlic Chicken Bites– I used GF bread crumbs.

Dairy-Free Spinach Artichoke Dip



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  1. Lisa Jo says:

    Happy New Year to you and yours Shana. Sounds like a perfect New Years Eve. Motherhood and self sacrafice can bring you more joy than ever imagined. Wishing you and that cute miracle of life a happy and healthy new year. Keep smiling and following your dreasm.. and Omg I want that garlic chicken now. Any hair or diet tips I will take and need.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. shana044 says:

      Any hair tips in particular you looking for?!


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