A Baby’s First Christmas

This year was my son’s 1st Christmas and my first Christmas being a mom. I now know what its like to be chop liver when you walk into a room. There is no more “Shana how’s this or Shana hows’s that?!” and honestly i can say Thank you Hudson for taking all the heat this year! Who can not obsess about the new bundle of joy that’s in the room and i am OK with that! He is one handsome devil so i cant blame them for wanting to hug and cuddle him all day! The new game this year was playing hot potato with him because everyone wanted a turn with him. Sooooooo much love it could suffocate the kid!

In all seriousness though it was a Christmas to remember, getting to see almost all sides of our families (which is a challenge within itself) being able to share LOTS of laughs and talking about how we are growing up and starting families of our own. Starting new traditions and keeping the old ones going on to the next generation. Between baking cookies, watching Christmas movies, jamming out to Christmas music, taking way to many pictures, playing Christmas BINGO and now Pie Face the holidays is something I look forward to; now even more so because i get to share it with my son and his father! Family to me is one of the best things in the world, and mine is HUGE, crazy, loud and I would only trade in a select few! Just kidding!I love this bunch, through thick and thin. With the dynamic of my family being a bit blended and all over the place with “steps and in-laws and halves and what have you”; but they are my family they are my heart and my home. My son has gotten to witness the crazy amount of love we all have for each other as we made our adventures to see everyone in the past few days. He is one lucky guy to be a part of this family and I am one lucky woman to be able to call them all mine. I cannot wait to see what the next year brings ❤ ❤


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