Starting my new journey

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking into my new blog! I will be featuring my everyday chaotic life of juggling being a new-stay at home mom & part time hairdresser. There will be a little bit of everything here, from recipes, workouts, herbal remedies, product reviews, activities for children, funny stories and strong opinions.

I am a 27 yr old new mom of a beautiful, now 3 month old boy. I have been a big paleo advocate for the past 3 years and now more then ever am super conscious of making healthy food choices for myself and my growing family! Working out has always been my passion. Pre-pregnancy I was extremely active; putting in at least 4 days at the gym on top of doing hot yoga! During my pregnancy I lost motivation to workout; I was exhausted, moody and getting bigger every day. I gained about 35lbs total with about 15lbs that I am now actively trying to shed.

Being a new mom on a tight budget my gym memberships is just something i cant splurge for right now. I have recently started a home workout system; 21 day fix extreme! I am a month into my regimen with being able to do a workout about 4 times a week (still working out juggling the time with the new little man) and am down 8 total inches, I can already see a difference and I feel great!!! I will be continuing the same program for the next month. I haven’t ventured into their shakes yet(prob in the next month or so) but am staying on track of my paleo lifestyle.

This journey is all for my son; to show him how to be healthy, strong and motivated. To show him to make healthy food choices because you only get one body and you should treat it right. To stand up for what you believe in, to respect what your putting into your body, to always read ingredients, to always ask questions, to enjoy the little things, to be happy, to smile and to always be yourself.

Cheers to this new journey. It’s going to be one hell of a ride!


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  1. Jodi says:

    Love this! Can’t wait until your next post!!

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  2. Christy Jensen says:

    Hi Shana! I look forward to following you and getting some inspiration to start living a healthier lifestyle as well!!

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  3. Jackie says:

    Awesome Shana! Good for you! And great idea starting a blog.

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  4. Lisa Jo says:

    I could use all the motivation I can get.. Keep up the good work

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  5. Ellen DeMasi says:

    So proud of you!! Amazing blog look forward to following you

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